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A new wave of accessories technology hitting the mobile device market

October 23, 2014

A new wave of accessories technology is bringing a massive frenzy in the mobile phones market. Supported by the IC vendors, UI innovations, screen technologies, low priced sensors along with a huge variety of connected devices are being readily developed at this peak time. The sports and health trackers, smart watches, the smart glasses, and smart covers are the next massive thing in the electronics for the modern consumers.

Moreover, the sale of phone products remains a worthwhile business. The accessories business further provides opportunities for mobile operators, distributors, OEMs and ODMs to offer a premium gadget experience for enterprises and consumers. Devices such as protective cases, Memory cards, Bluetooth headsets and headphones, decorative elements, cradles, batteries, chargers, scratch protectors, and other accessories give users large volume storage.

The smart phones vendors are realizing the fact that modern accessories contribute to increasing sales. They produce portfolio differentiation. Plus, these accessories extend the product life cycle of high-end gadgets. The Mobile players will find out that the wearable accessories can lead to higher ARPUs by furnishing better convenience, comfort and user experiences of cellular services.

With the much help of mobile accessories, the markets appear to be pushing worldwide economy to heights. The research reveals clearly that it is time to switch over to universal chargers to cut back on waste. The less we spend on chargers, the more we spend on amazing cell phone marvels and holsters. Now all this gadget debate, knowledge and know-how about Cell Phone Prices in UAE is available, if you really want to Buy Mobile Phones in Dubai.

According to a recent survey, feature handset users spend an average of $28.17 on accessories per device. However, the smart gadget owners spend $56.18 on accessories. In a nutshell, while featured handset accessories tend to be basic articles or products, the accessories focused smartphones are looking to leverage on device applications. Lastly, the design complexity allows the accessories to become excellent platforms for services delivery.

Phone accessories and cases

October 23, 2014

The foremost question everybody is faced with is to tackle the riddle from which platform to buy new smart gadgets and accessories. Now that all smart phones and their accessories have available at a single platform. Now you can buy Smart Phones in Dubai. Now you are able to have Apple’s iOS, Android and Windows Phones and endless lists of the handsets to choose from.

The iOS stands to mean iPhones. As you will be well aware whether or not you would like to own an iPhone. These handsets are great devices coupled with a fantastic wealth of games and apps on offer. They however are not cheap devices. Even if you are looking forward to buying a high-tech gadget, you might tend to contemplate waiting for the iPhone 6, recently launched in September.The smart phones will soon be replaced by other devices. But, they are already impacting buyers with their profound implications for sellers.

It is a fact beyond any doubt that Smart phones are playing a central role in their owners’ shopping choices. According to the recent survey of US conducted by Google, it indicated that 96% of Americans use their mobile to research prices and products. While, 32% of US citizens said that they had changed their minds about purchasing a product. They said that they rather stood in a store and conducted a search of smartphones. The company also maintained that 59% of smartphone owners in China made a purchase on their devices. Thus, china stands as the highest country in the survey.

Another interesting aspect is that the usage of smartphones is particularly prevalent in certain categories such as big-ticket electronics retailers. The 73% of electronic retailers read product reviews. Plus, the 71% of electronic retailers compare prices with other retail shops. However, the smartphones have become an integral part of daily life. This change in buyer’s behavior is impacting all categories of devices.

As the ownership of smart devices continues to expand sharply, there is a need for sellers to adapt to recent developments. However, they must bear to their mind that introducing a technology for the sake of technology is not the answer. Instead, it is important to redefine the traditional role of stores. They ought to put greater stress on education and entertainment and engagement.


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